Empower youth and raise entrepreneurs
1. Get your child access a combined expertise and knowledge of the experts from UK, USA, Europe and Asia.
By people who are educators, lecturers at leading business schools, successful business professionals and lawyers.
2. Learning about business early means no missed opportunity
The founder of KidsMBA, aninsolvency barrister and Cass business school MBA professor Mark Watson-Gandy concluded that majority of start-ups fail in the first few years not because the business idea is bad but because of basic mistakes.
3. Even an artist needs a business mindset
KidsMBA is relevant regardless of whether your child decide to set out as the next Bill Gates or pursue a career in creative field, become a sportsman or a singer, everyone needs a business mindset to succeed.
4. Enable your child to view real-life problems as potential start-up ideas
KidsMBA focuses on developing leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills through lessons designed to be representative of reality.
5. Get your child excited about math and boost their school grades
Our mission is to ensure that every child is equipped with expertise to translate their school based learning ideasand skills into things that can help them find work they are passionate about or set up a business of their own.
6. Show your child work ethic and achievement
Students will be offered the chance to compete for the KidsMBA Star Performer Trophy. At the end of the second day of the course, students who wish to do so can pitch their business idea to judges in a Shark Tank type of event and the winner of the best business idea will be awarded the KidsMBA Star Performer Trophy and invitation to compete on international competition in London.
7. Help your child stand out at University admissions
We have increasingly found that the KidsMBA course is relied on and cited by students when applying for colleges and universities. Upon completion of the program students will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from Kids MBA. Our professors and UK office will provide relevant reference letters when requested.
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