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KidsMBA is a unique program in the world. It took years to be designed by experts in business, entrepreneurs, incubators, psychologists, pedagogues, etc. KidsMBA is a fundamental educational program for kids aged 9-12 (regular) and 13-16 years old (advanced) aimed to give a first experience in a business world, create the entrepreneurial mindset, skills and knowledge they will need to embark on entrepreneurial start.
History of KidsMBA

Started as a bankruptcy lawyer, Professor Mark Watson-Gandy was horrified to discover that many companies failed not because of a bad idea, but because of the basic mistakes. In fact, in the United Kingdom 50% of new companies do not survive the first year. Inspired by this fact, he took time off from his practice to write his first master's program in Corporate Financial Law and teach one of the best MBA programs in the world at Cass Business School.

Eventually he concluded that business skills are so fundamental to success in life, that they should be taught to children before they leave school. That's how KidsMBA program was born.

Who is Professor Mark Watson-Gandy?

He is a renowned lawyer, professor and businessman. Mark Watson-Gandy was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1990 and practices law in London. He is a visiting professor at the University of Westminster (Teaching Corporate Financial Law), special lecturer at Cass Business School (teaching Executive MBA) and a board member of the University of Essex.

In 2015, the Association of International Accountants awarded him with Presidents' Award recognizing his outstanding contribution to the profession
His Holiness Pope Benedict knighted him in recognition of "his work as a barrister and law professor for the Catholic Church" in 2007 (Knight of the Order of St Gregory of the Great).

KidsMBA program

The program is delivered through a 2-day course. It is taught through lessons, discussion, games and roll-plays. KidsMBA focuses on developing leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills through lessons designed to be representative of reality and help youth view real-life problems as potential start-up ideas.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to make appropriate decisions for their future career, will have increased self-esteem, stand out on university admissions and get access to mentorship from the KidsMBA Board of Experts.

Learn more about KidsMBA program and its advantages.

Emirates Towers, AREA2071
2-day course for children 9-12 (regular) and 13-16 years old (advanced)
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2,400 AED per student

"It was incredibly exciting to see Kids MBA come to Dubai. It was a real privilege to
meet the bright and inspiring young people who were the first pioneers to take this
course in the UAE and experience first-hand their energy and infectious enthusiasm"

Professor Mark Watson-Gandy
Dubai, Emirates Towers
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